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Paw Clean Canine Footbath
5 Steps to Clean Paw

walk your dog
Take your pooch on a walk or
to the dog park!

step 1

Before your dog comes into the house
or gets into the car after exercise,
it’s a good idea to get the dirt, mud
and grime off their feet.



top view
seal - top view

step 2

Paw Clean’s comfortable and durable neoprene seal allows you to shake and swirl their paw clean instantly.
(inset = top view)


step 3

Clean all four paws. If your pup’s paws are excessively muddy, a back-up supply of clean water is recommended.

clean all paws
dry off

step 4

Use your ultra-absorbent microfiber towel to fluff your friend’s freshly cleaned paws!

step 5

Make sure you give your dog tons of praise and maybe even a treat so they look forward to having their paws cleaned.

good boy


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